Could it be, as we now have the first taste of what could be a long hot summer, that we see what humanity and society have become?  Each new day brings fresh speculation treated as truth by politicians and spun into sugar castles by the media on a local and national level.

I don’t listen to all of the news, I only gather highlights.  The full depth of the news brings sleepless nights filled with the fevered dreams of anxiety.  I’ve read that “they” hope that we will see a reduction in cases with the coming of summer.  I hold little faith in that gossamer thread of speculation.

Australia has had 88 deaths and New Zealand less than 20.  They are edging toward fall as we are now approaching our warmer summer months.  Here in Utah, we have 45 deaths to date.  Such facts leads this writer to believe that the coming summer will slow the virus as it does for most viral contagions but it will not stop the spread.

My workplace has decided to do our part to weather this storm as best we can.  We have moved to an entirely virtual platform, serving our customers online and by telephone as we all shelter in place, working from home.

My reader, I certainly hope that my musings find you well.  I am confident that the coming months will bring great amounts of changes to how we interact and react with our friends and neighbors.  I will endeavor to reach out to you all frequently to share my hopes and dreams, wishes and truth, and as always my latest read.

Compassionately, The Maven


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